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Extra credit/value

Our progress, happiness, and fulfillment are generally contributed to the seemingly small timely things we feed ourselves with daily.  Nutrition feeds our bodies, but things such as our friends, family, tv shows, movies, books,and our thought life all play a role in our overall health.  They affect our soul and how we view life and therefore can dictate our behaviors and actions/habits.  

Over time, good or bad, they can shape who we are.  

Remember in school how we could bring up our grades by doing extra credit.  That "extra" something often adds value.  We still need that as adults but often don't push ourselves for it because our lives are too busy or we've become complacent.     

That's why I will always throw a small extra value into my program designed for you.  Could be a video to watch, a book to read, trying a new food or maybe a new challenge in the gym or home workout.

They are up to you but there to challenge and help you grow.