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Interview  with Dr Mark Hyman 

Even with all the information out there these days, we are still not where we want to be.  Why?  Most of us fall into the category of whatever we do we desire to be efficient and have our own definition of our personal best.  However, even with all the information out there, it is only as good as it can be used by us personally.  You need to be able to put it all together to fit your particular lifestyle, time conflicts and goals.    Additionally, especially when times are more challenging, you need to be inspired/motivated in the moment as well as see the prize (you in your best shape).

Ask anyone that has overcome something in their life, they will often tell you that they had a caring  mentor (s) that gave them the tools, education, experience, support and encouragement that helped get them there.   

Take a look at any athlete, musician, or business professional.  No matter how gifted/talented they are, the ones with a coach helped them utilize and channel their talent to the fullest.  

With that said, here are just a few ways I can help as your personal Health Coach:

1. When you know or feel like something might be off with your health, but you’re not sure what it is.
I will work with you to dig deeper into what you’re experiencing, get to the root of your imbalance, and find new ways to help you feel your best again. From fatigue and low energy to acne and digestive issues, I help guide my clients by listening to their bodies and making sustainable lifestyle adjustments to help fix seemingly minor issues that may have major effects on health!

2. You’re more likely to accomplish goals when you have guidance and accountability.

Whether it’s having trouble addressing your cravings, finding the motivation to keep up with your fitness routine, or getting inspired to be more creative in the kitchen, I can help you establish the structure you need to make progress toward your goals. Regular check-ins with me will help you feel accountable for the health decisions you make in a way that is motivating and encouraging.

3. You want to improve your diet and lifestyle but you’re not sure where to begin.

Although there are some basics (science) that works for everyone, when it comes to eating, one diet does not fit all. An eating plan should be sustainable and not a temporary fix or crash diet. Through Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was trained in over 100 dietary theories, and can guide you towards an eating plan that works best for your mind, body and soul.

4. Stop the dieting, deprivation, and the frustration that comes with trying to lose weight.

If you’ve tried every diet under the sun and are fed up with feeling discouraged, I will help you reconnect with your primary goals and what’s preventing you from achieving them. There can be a variety of reasons why the weight is not coming off: hormonal imbalance, need more muscle that fuels the furnace to naturally burn more calories, food allergies, etc. Health isn’t just about nutrition – in fact, weight loss comes with a variety of lifestyle related challenges that I will help you safely address so you can shed the weight for good.

5. To become a more positive health influence on the people around you.

Your first priority should be to establish healthy habits for yourself, and through that process you will inevitably become a positive role model for the people around you. I can help you refine your own health and through that process, provide you with ways to inspire others along your journey, whether it’s your family, your community, or those whose lives you touch through your work. As you progress, people notice!

6. You’re looking for a more personal approach to health from a caring individual who has your best interest at heart.

I am here to help you begin your wellness journey! 

 I will create a personalized road map that prioritizes simple methods that will support you to find lasting health and happiness.