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“The mind and body are not separate. what affects one, affects the other.”

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Online from anywhere

Online via email/Skype and phone, get a personalized wellness program designed just for you.  Click here to learn more.

One on one (individual or a couple)

Are you local in Charleston and prefer that personal one on one service.  Contact me at 843-514-6731 to schedule an appointment.

Reset for renewed health 

Detoxing the body can help restore the mind, body and soul.  Click here for more info.

Dr Oz on Health Coaching

Alanna Ennis

I'm 23 years old and I've been overweight for as long as I can remember. This past year, my weight was at an all time high. I weighed 239 pounds and my BMI classified me as moderately obese. I had tried countless diets and exercise routines with little to no success and nothing that lasted long term. After meeting Mark it came at a time when I was extremely frustrated and discouraged with my health and my appearance. I didn't look or feel healthy and was approaching being at risk for diabetes and hypertension.

I began working with Mark with very little hope that anything could work at this point but also being willing to try one last time. Mark coached me through how to make my time at the gym more effective and helped me reach my goal of running my first 10k race. He also provided meal plan suggestions and nutritional coaching so that I was able to build a healthy diet. I was eating enough that I felt full and satisfied and finding how to eat things I like that were nutritional as well as enjoyable.

After 3 months of working with Mark, I have lost over 30 pounds and several inches and am well on my way to my goal weight. I'm working out regularly and training to run my next 10k at an even faster time. Weight loss that works isn't easy and it isn't a quick fix. However, I'm keeping the weight off and continuing to lose while feeling and looking healthier than I ever have. I strongly recommend Mark as a health coach to help you reach your goals and succeed in living a healthier, happier life!


My Mission, with the Lords guidance, is to play a crucial role in empowering you to improve your health and happiness by providing a safe, non-judgmental, and inspiring environment and through that process of working together, transform your life and the lives of others positively affected by that change.

- Mark Kennon, Certified Health Coach